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Drawkanoid is a neon-drenched love letter to brick breaking games. We took out all the boring bits, like paddles, and turned everything up to 11! The ball moves at hyperspeed, shattering everything into explosion-filled eyecandy. Bullet time lets you react at the speed of thought. Deploy powerups to go into full ludicrous mode, or unlock Countdown and Zen modes to up the tension or zone out and smash.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Drawkanoid - Windows 64bit 94 MB
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A really smart and addictive little game, with glorious neon visuals. 

Thanks so much for including it in the recent bundle!

Glad you're enjoying it, #FreePalestine!

This is a great little game. Do you have any plans to bring it to Android? It seems more suited to a touch interface as opposed to a mouse. I found that using the mouse gets a little... not difficult, per se, but kind of taxing depending on how long the run goes for. Please don't misunderstand, it is very good and I'll absolutely play more of it, but (and I never thought I'd ever say this about a PC game) I'd kinda rather play it on my phone.

Just a thought. Thanks for making this wonderful little game!

Glad you're enjoying it! :)

Yes, we had planned to bring it to Android, but it turns out the mobile games space is incredibly toxic to small studios. Everything is about visibility and charts, and we can't afford to spend $1M a month to make $1,01M. I can rant for ages about the different paths in mobile and how none of them work for a studio from the global south, but the bottom line is that unless we find a trustworthy partner, we can't do a full mobile release :(

It's a shame, because it plays really well on a phone!

if paddle size was automatic but players used mouse/controller sticks to shift its position *and angle, slow down was reduced and speed up reduced the game would be cool. not quite as 'different' from other in this genre i spose, still original with the angle shift but more enjoyable for more players.(guess name would be anglanoid tho) 

as it is without those options i don't see it as a pc game for me, maybe i'll look out for it to try on my phone. still too fast in 'fast' to enjoy visuals tho

That sounds like a very different game, you should make it :)

just a suggestion to involve more players. 

if you add paddle standard size option that still 'twists' and allow for slowing down top screen and speeding up lower screen i would play this game, no need to make one. all the best anyway.

Is this fully updated like the Steam version? Not missing anything?

Exactly the same as the Steam version, yes.

Looks absolutely mad, will it be coming to Linux?

We don't officially support Linux as a studio anymore - simply can't justify the costs... That said, the Steam version has been running on a friend's machine using Proton.

Shame, thanks for the reply.